Playground Lines, Markings & Boundaries

Create the perfect playground lines and court markings thanks to the supplies available at GLS. 

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When used with playground equipment, our pitch and court markings enable sports and PE games to be played under regulation conditions, developing player skills and teaching individuals to understand the rules of each game.

We also have fun outdoor playground markings in the shape of caterpillars, frogs and rockets for a more engaging and playful way of learning. The thermoplastic markings we provide last 10 times longer than paint, whilst adding excitement and vibrant colour to your school’s playground.

If you want to create designated game boundaries within your play area, we also offer panels and blocks that help to define perimeters. Smoogas are made up of individual panels with a lightweight top and a heavier base, allowing you to construct the temporary shape you need.

No matter the fun you’re looking to generate, our markings and boundaries can be combined to provide the ideal solution.