England Athletics Endurance Kit

England Athletics Endurance Kit
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Product Description

The England Athletics Endurance Kit can be used alongside the Endurance Handbook. The kit allows teachers and coaches to run activities, games and team based competition formats that can be easily applied in schools and clubs as part of a coordinated development programme for young people. The kit also facilitates the British Athletics Endurance Awards.

Kit contains:

1 x Coloured Plastic Relay Batons - Set of 4

4 x Stopwatches

4 x Whistles and Lanyards

40 x 9" Plastic Cones

1 x 50m Fibreglass Measuring Tape

1 x Flexible Marker Discs - Set of 40

1 x Multi-Stage Fitness Bleep Test

1 x Orienteering Set

1 x Orienteering Competitors Cards - Pack of 50

1 x Tent Pegs - Set of 40

1 x Endurance Handbook

1 x Primary Endurance Poster

1 x Secondary Endurance Poster

1 x Eveque Ring Binder

10 x Resource Cards

1 x Carry Bag

GBP259.99 ex VAT

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