Saving up to 1 hour a day in admin, do the smart thing and join them

We know that ordering school supplies is only one of the jobs busy SBMs have on their 'to do' list. Which is why we've created Smart Ordering - a range of great online features that can make it faster, smoother and more affordable to get all the supplies you need. 

Saving you time and your school money, these include: 

Smart Connect

Take the hard work out of getting orders signed off with Smart Connect. It’s free to use, easy to set up without any help from IT and can reduce paperwork and improve financial efficiency – saving you up to 1 hour in admin each day.

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Quick Order

Keying in individual product codes can be really time-consuming. But thanks to Quick Order, you can create your basket in no time at all - simply uploaded a spreadsheet containing all the codes for every item you need.

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Share Basket

To get the supplies they need, do your colleagues leave a note on your desk – handwritten lists that may contain mistakes or end up getting lost? Then tell them all about Share Basket, which lets them request the items they need by email.

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When browsing our website, you may spot something you don’t need now, but know you’ll need in the future. Then all you need to do is add it to a Wishlist, which you can return to and add to your basket, as and when you need to.

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Repeat Order

Do you find it frustrating having to re-key the codes for the products you buy the most? Repeat Order can spare you this task and save you time by letting you recreate your previous baskets in just one click.

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Smart Flow

Need to stay in full control of who orders what? Smart Flow lets you choose who can approve orders, across multiple departments or sites. Easy to set up, simply create orders as usual for a named authoriser to review and approve.

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FMS Files

Wish you always had access to our latest products and lowest prices? FMS Files offers a downloadable version of our latest catalogue. However, if you’re already using our Smart Connect feature, then you don’t need to download anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with setting these solutions up or using them?
Do I have to install or download any additional hardware or software?
Who do we speak to if we have any questions or need support once we are up and running?
Do any of these solutions allow us to review orders before they are placed in order to control budget spend?
Is free delivery still available when shopping through the Smart Ordering solutions?
Will we have support from your team during setup?