The 5 Best Apps for Teacher Communication

With today’s social environment moving so quickly, it seems almost rude to receive an email response after more than an hour nowadays. This feeling is exacerbated when the conversation between teachers, students and parents is made more difficult by time constraints in modern education.

Ironically though, technology can help solve the problems that it causes. With the popularity of app-based tablets and phones, it is now much easier to communicate and interact instantly with parents and students alike, I’m sure some of you are currently using these platforms but we wanted to give you our rundown of the most useful apps in aiding simple collaboration.


As confidentiality is key, using this app means the parties involved won’t see any information that they aren’t supposed to see. It is a free wat to instantly text students and parents from your phone, you can send assignments, homework, reminders or anything direct. All numbers are kept private and you can even add push notifications.



By connecting to both student and parent, you can text positive reinforcement immediately which can be seen by both parties, giving a more engaged feel and a closer connection. Secure pictures and messages can be sent to parents and students can store their work to a portfolio for their parents to see.


More tailored towards interaction outside of the classroom, Edmodo aims to ignite discussions by way of social media style sharing. Video and other content is readily available for students, secure groups are an option for deeper discussion too and it allows teachers to track student progress through an online grade book.

Study Blue

This app is based around study and allows teachers and students to create and share notes, quizzes and flashcards. Study Blue also allows for collaboration within the app with study sessions and discussion, it does require an Internet connection but once flashcards are created, they can be saved and studied offline.

Google Classroom

Probably the most well-known company and e-learning app on the list, Google Classroom is a one-stop solutions which allows for discussions, assignments, assessment and review all in one place. Students can submit their work within the app too, giving teachers full visibility.