Cosmic Classroom ….

Cosmic Classroom, rocketed off on the 2nd Feb 2016 …..

Everyone’s talking about Tim Peake, the British astronaut who blasted off to the International Space Station in December, in early February Tim and schools across the UK Simultaneously started linking together to talk to Tim live from the ISS (International Space Station ) as part of cosmic classroom. Nearly 300 schools joined in together for a live Q&A with Tim directly from Space and nearly half a million more also watched the live broadcast.

This was a mind elevating experience for all, unlike most classroom activities this was used to form more of a “think room” rather than a classroom as people start thinking about the universe and space and the questions and mystery surrounding this topic are never ending. How, what why and where are questions that are most commonly thought of, space is a unique topic there is nothing like it, it’s usually regarded as being completely empty but this is not true, even the emptiest part of space contain at least a few hundred atoms or molecules per cubic metre.

There is so much this topic can link to, Science, Technology, Astronomy, Maths, Space, Shape, Time and Geography the list is endless. There are many ways to teach children and young adults about the universe and space. Children will love the cool, crazy, strange, funny, weird, odd, bizarre and wacky information. You can use “did you know” facts and other interesting space info that will help them learn a thing or two. Why not try making a spaceship or involving the whole class in space quizzes or use interactive games to learn about the Earth, Sun & Moon’s orbits as you experiment with different dates and times.

One of the major questions we all want to know is how the solar system was born billions of years ago. The creation of our solar system was part of a series of violent explosions and intense radiation going all the way back to the Big Bang that most scientists agree created the Universe. Weather you believe this s or not it’s one question that could endorse millions of answers, and no one really knows the real answer, we all find this fascinating!

In the 20 minute long cosmic classroom video Tim Peake gave children the opportunity to ask questions in which he answered live from space, some questions included – what can you see out of your window? Why doesn’t space have any gravity? And does your heart beat faster in space? If you haven’t had the chance to watch the fascinating cosmic classroom video watch it here.