10 things every teacher needs in their classroom and essential supplies they can’t do without

10 things every teacher needs in their classroom and essential supplies they can’t do without header

Your school doors are open ready for the new school year ahead, but is your school prepared? To do their job to the best of their ability, teachers need the right supplies and tools for the job.

Thankfully, we’re here to take a little pressure off. Rather than hurriedly making your own list, taking our collection of things every teacher should have in their classroom and invest in the supplies teachers need to educate the next generation.


Things that no teacher should go without in their classroom

With the equipment below, teachers can give children the very best education every day.


1. A classroom set of tablets

The tablet in the classroom brings education to life. Students have endless access to valuable information such as a dictionary and thesaurus, which previously were only available in printed format. Interactive technology makes learning more engaging and memorable and tools such as audio and video recorders can change the way that learning takes place and homework is completed.

Technology plays a huge role in the lives of younger generations growing up today. Embrace their skills with technology and adapt the classroom to suit by investing in tech like tablets, robots and other computers and gadgets. 


2. A teaching assistant 

Evidence shows that TAs have a positive effect – around two or four months’ worth of extra academic progress across the year – if their interventions are formal and in small groups. A report says: “Crucially, these positive effects are only observed when TAs work in structured settings with high-quality support and training.”

Some label TAs as the unsung heroes of education. Ultimately, they deliver better learning outcomes for students – making them an indispensable part of a teacher’s classroom.


3. Interactive whiteboard

This is somewhat similar to the idea of bringing in more technology, but interactive whiteboards are so important they deserve a special mention. Interactive whiteboards not only bring an element of fun and modernisation to the classroom, teachers are also able to expand the delivery of education if they one at hand.

More learning styles are possible, with students seeing, hearing and interacting with the lesson, with a wider range of mediums available – such as image, video or interactive games. And if nothing else, it injects some life into a lesson, leaving outdated whiteboards, markers and paper printouts in the dust. 


4. Sturdy & solid school furniture

Without solid, specially designed school chairs and desks, students can end up distracted, uncomfortable and unable to focus on their studies. Good furniture not only encourages students to have better posture, it looks after their long-term health and leaves teachers with one less thing to worry about.


5. Cleaning and hygiene supplies 

Maintaining the highest standards in any setting is important – especially under the circumstances of today. From disinfectant, and air-fresheners, to washing-up liquid, first aid and hand sanitisers, they all have important roles to play. These supplies never get old, and their importance is only growing.

Keep a well stock cupboard full of cleaning and hygiene supplies and help teachers to maintain a clean educational environment.


6. Tissues

From accidental spills to unfortunate tears, tissues are an undervalued part of every classroom. Keep them well stocked so, just when emergencies occur, your teacher can reach for a tissue and quickly make everything better.


7. Classroom decorations

The environment a teacher works in is just as important as the tools they have for the job. It’s the job of the school to develop a stimulating environment that helps students concentrate on their studies and encourage creativity.

Make use of the walls of each classroom, decorating with colourful posters, pictures and progress charts to create a culture of learning that helps keep students engaged in their work.


8. A diary and wall planner

Teachers are incredibly busy people, so any help they can get to remain organised will be welcomed with open arms. Work-based diaries can help teachers stay on top of deadlines, meetings and other major events that go on throughout the school calendar.

You could a spread a little organisation around too with a wall planner. Marked up with important events and special days, it’s not teachers who will be aware of the daily on goings of their class – but students too.


9. Students willing to learn

Even with all the right supplies, teachers need students who are alert and willing to learn, a good attitude and work ethic can make a classroom with no supplies an absolute learning zone. Thankfully, all the things listed in this article will contribute to that. A well-stocked classroom gives teachers the confidence to teach and students the ability to be the best they can be!


10. Essential supplies every teacher needs

All of the things above are incredibly important to getting the best out of every teacher – but what about the everyday essentials? Keep the classroom functioning at it’s best my keeping these 23 essentials in constant supply.


      1. Pencils
      2. Pens
      3. Ruler
      4. Plastic wallets
      5. Dividers
      6. Ring binders
      7. Pencil sharpener
      8. Exercise books
      9. Scissors
      10. Glue
      11. Paint
      12. Coloured pencils
      13. Erasers
      14. Sticky notes
      15. Notepads
      16. Tape
      17. Storage
      18. Desk organiser
      19. Stapler
      20. Magnetic clips
      21. Paper clips
      22. Hole punch
      23. Highlighters


For all of the above, and lots more classroom essentials, there is only one place to head. Head to the GLS website and get everything you need to help teachers deliver a great education.