7 Simple Ways to Encourage Handwashing

Schools are well-known for being one the most popular breeding grounds for germs… as the colds sweep in and bacteria is rife, we thought we’d give a quick pointer on techniques that could get the pupils to battle germs.

Whilst a new bathroom layout and brand new hygiene equipment is an option for some settings, we understand it’s not a possibility for all, so here are some penny-pinching options!


  1. Friendly reminders are the first plan of action

Simple signs here, there and everywhere. A gentle reminder to wash hands in the bathrooms and toilets around the building. Make the creation of them a classroom activity for younger pupils!

Of course, there are always pre-made signs to put up…


  1. Freshen up walls and mirrors

Make the toilet an attractive place to be (well…you know what we mean!) by painting inspirational images on walls or decorating mirrors and walls with colourful tape or glitter cards. The children will want to spend more time in there washing their hands.


  1. Don’t forget the sinks too

Have something for the children to read or digest when they get to the sink to wash their hands, how about some simple visual games to play or just put some stickers on the basin to change it up in an instant.


  1. Give the toilets a theme

Is there a certain TV character, show or toy that is really popular amongst the pupils at the current time? Having characters from those shows or toys giving the instruction for them to wash their hands can add a little more motivation for the task!


  1. Make an ingenious ‘toilet pass’

If your establishment is one to have a physical pass to leave the classroom for a toilet break, turn the slip in to a reminder. You can simply make it a handy sized bottle of hand wash then there is no escaping the task at hand…


  1. Try putting a prize in the soap

Blocks of soap can be bought with prizes at the centre of them, so when worn down with use the pupils win! You can make your own if you’re feeling creative or you can go simple and give them a more fun soap to use…


  1. Go for glam

If you go for a liquid soap option, an easy trick to make hand-washing more interesting is to mix in some coloured glitter for the children, they love to squeeze it out to see the sparkle!