What is Smart Ordering?

Informed by, and created for SBMs, Smart Ordering is range of great online features and tools that can transform a school’s office with a smarter way of purchasing. 


It has been developed by the team at GLS Educational Supplies to help save SBMs time and their schools money, by making the process of buying school supplies faster, smoother and more affordable.  A claim evidenced by the 10,536 schools that have saved £2,074,168 since its launch in September 2017.


Promising to streamline and simplify your whole procurement process, Smart Ordering is made up of many time-saving features. Here’s your guide to what each one can do for you:

Smart Connect

At the heart of Smart Ordering is Smart Connect – a feature that links a school’s financial management system directly with our website, making it quicker and easier to get orders signed off. 


Free to use and easy to set up (without any help from IT), Smart Connect reduces paperwork and improves financial efficiency. No additional hardware or software is required as it is compatible with PS Financials. Invoices can be sent directly into the FMS and they will automatically reconcile against the PO, so the SBM can keep full control of the audit trail and easily reconcile the budget.


With no more faxing, telephoning or emailing of orders, Smart Connect also reduces the time and effort involved in ordering supplies, saving time-pressed SBMs up to one hour in admin each day.  That’s five hours of the working week back to spend on negotiating utilities contracts, reviewing HR systems or managing repair works.

Quick Order

Gone are the days of keying in time-consuming individual product codes. With the quick order feature, SBMs can quickly create a basket by simply uploading a spreadsheet containing all the codes for every item needed.  This allows busy SBMs to create large baskets in minutes and previous orders can be repeated with no keying needed at all.  Leaving SBMs time to tick-off the other things on their to-do list.

Repeat Order

The repeat order function puts an end to the frustration of having to re-key codes for frequently purchased products, allowing users to recreate previous baskets in just one click. This saves time recreating baskets, especially during busy periods, such as back to school.

Share Basket

Share Basket makes scribbled hand-written notes thing of the past - colleagues can start to request the items they need by shopping on the site and then emailing over their basket. This removes the need for paper requests, while also creating an email trail so no product is lost. It also reduces the time it takes to build orders and as no log-in details are required to build the basket, no money is spent until the account log-in holder completes the order.


The Wishlist tool allows SBMs and their team to save items and multiple lists on the site for later.  Teachers can save products individually, or create a list of items and send this to the SBM to complete the transaction later.  At which point whole lists or one-off products can be added into the basket at the touch of a button.


So why leave it any longer to change the way you buy your supplies? Switch to Smart Ordering now to save both time and money.


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