Ways to save time and money in your early years setting

It’s very easy to see the funds disappear from the business account without being too sure where it’s all really going. Making sure you know exactly what’s happening and cutting back here and there could help propel you towards better resources and larger projects for your setting.

Get your numbers right

First job of all is to calculate every single outgoing and every single incoming payment, there are many apps and accounting suites out there in the current market that can make this effortless. Once you have a starting block then it’s easier to visualise where you’re overspending and where cuts can be made safely.

Reduce paper usage

A paperless setting (in office terms – we won’t remove art & craft time!) can be a great place to start saving a few pennies, email anything that you don’t need to physically print and always remind staff to do the same.

Get techy

Technology is always hand-in-hand with paperless, try to assess which parts of your job and your staff’s jobs take up the most time and find software to help aid efficiency in the setting. Having all of your information within a nursery management software suite can help staff source information quicker. It’s worth the investment to save everyone’s time.

Have a greater online presence

If you have a website and social media sites (which you most definitely should!) don’t be afraid to utilise them, whether that be looking for new staff, advertising events or share anything interesting for your community.

Compare prices on everything

Bring down those overhead costs by knowing when contracts are up and trying to replace them with better deals. Insurance, food supplies, internet providers, utilities and of course, educational resources. It’s worth the extra little bit of effort to make huge savings over the year.

Nurture community relationships

Nurseries are a huge part of the local community and everyone understands the importance of them, so try and nurture those relations with local suppliers. Whether that be the butcher for your ood orders, the local greengrocer for veg or even the local garden centre for any outdoor projects. People may surprise you and will be more helpful than you think! Are you already taking advantage of any of the options above? Let us know in the comments section below.