7 non-SBMs you need to be following on Twitter

7 non-SBMs you need to be following on Twitter

Everyone knows there are huge number of SBMs on Twitter that offer key advice on a regular basis, but what about the ones we’re going to refer to as, non-SBMs? The consultants, specialists and professionals working outside of a static school environment. We’ve compiled another list of the top people who we feel have plenty to offer to education and the school business management profession...


Twitter accounts every SMB needs to follow

Harness the online community and find all the help and support you need to better yourself as a school business manager.


  1. Cate Hart (@31_cate)

A School Business Manager in a previous life, Cate brings 15+ years of experience to #SBLTwitter. Now operating as a consultant to schools, she is always quick to bring her pragmatic, straight-talking advice to discussions and presentations that she regularly delivers.


  1. Justin Smith (@jus_chameleon)

Justin and his company Chameleon specialise in marketing and income generation for the education sector. Justin himself is an award-winning school business management specialist and ISBL Fellow who can often be found delivering training to regional and national SBM groups.


  1. Graeme Hornsby (@SBMConsultancy)

Bringing rafts of experience from a 20+ year career as a School Business Manager and Clerk to Governors, Graeme is now offering helpful bespoke packages to schools using his own proven skillset. Practical advice is Graeme’s plan when it comes to discussions on #SBLTwitter.


  1. Teacher Tapp (@TeacherTapp) & Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney)

Teacher Tapp is amazing app where one question daily, sometimes important, sometimes not so much - is asked to 1000s of teachers. The results spring some real surprises and it’s always interesting for outsiders to see what teachers really think… isn’t it? Laura is the former Editor of Schools Week and co-founder of Teacher Tapp. As you’d expect, her profile is a constant stream of analysis and informed comment around daily issues affecting the world of education.


  1. Hub4Leaders (@_theschoolbus)

A respected company that offers online support and guidance for school leaders, governors and teachers alike, their Twitter page is full of useful information and articles which could help you overcome issues within your school. Their customer feedback speaks volumes about the service they offer to schools across the UK.


  1. Laura Williams (@lauraljbusiness)

Another of our recommended school leadership consultants within the SBM sphere. Laura is often found at events delivering tangible advice and processes that can improve any school. Her Twitter page is no different. She regularly gets involved in #SBLTwitter and offers not only tips, but friendly positive GIFs to struggling SBMs!


  1. Julie Cordiner of School Financial Success (@juliecordiner)

The last of our consultants, working with her partner Nikola Flint under the company name of School Financial Success – Julie is focused on delivering budget and financial advice to the education sector. Between the two founders, they have written multiple books on school financial management and Julie’s Twitter handle is testament to the professional knowledge she personally has.


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