13 influential School Business Managers you must follow on Twitter

11 influential SBMs you must follow on Twitter

As plenty of School Business Managers (SBMs) will already know, Twitter is a fantastic tool for collaboration. You can find other like-minded professionals and discuss the things which matter most or find answers to burning questions. Just generally, Twitter is an excellent place to gain the support you need to be the best Business Manager you can be.

We’ve made a shortlist of the most influential voices from the profession and what they’re all about. Whether you’re a regular user or simply looking for inspiration to get involved, these are (just some of) the ones to follow…


13 essential Twitter profiles for School Business Managers


1. Hayley Dunn (@ShropshireSBM)

Hayley wrote the book on school business management, literally. She is now the Business Leadership Specialist for The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and speaks regularly at events regarding issues in the profession. A fountain of SBM knowledge happily adds her experienced views to #SBLtwitter discussions, Hayley is always inspiring her followers to #BeTheChange.


2. Micon Metcalfe (@miconm)

A fully qualified Chief Operating Officer and ISBL Fellow, Micon has vast knowledge around every SBM issue you can think of. She is often found wading in to discussions with answers based on experience. Many professionals have openly mentioned that they look to Micon as their go-to person in the profession. Obviously, if you like cats too, you’ll have another reason to enjoy following.


3. Matthew Clements-Wheeler (@MidlandsSBM)

Matthew is Chair of the ISBL amongst many other senior positions and qualifications. He is an outspoken member of the SBM community, often writing articles for leading publications such as The Voice. You can usually find MCW at various events nationwide but if you can’t get to them, his Twitter feed is the next best thing.


4. Emma Gray (@workingsbm)

A brilliant blogger with her own site (workingsbm.com) and also an extremely helpful voice in the community. Using her 15+ years of experience, Emma can be found getting involved in discussions across a range of topics. She is a strong advocate for SBL wellbeing and her powerful blog on ‘resilience’ sparked great debate on Twitter.


5. Nickii Messer (@NickiiMesser)

Nickii is a national and international keynote speaker. Now an SBM consultant by trade, she is a keen supporter and mentor to school business professionals everywhere. Nickii also has her own website (nickiimesser.com) where blogs she’s written for leading publications are hosted, fantastic reading for any level of SBM. Nikkii is often one of the first to offer support and / or a call to those SBMS who tweet about facing a challenging time at work.


6. Andy Heron (@WrexhamSBP)

Andy is always first to offer his advice when other SBMs are asking a question to #SBLtwitter. Bringing a valuable mix of English and Welsh education experience, he often finds an interesting angle to approach problems. He’s a fantastic blogger and a mentor too, with the odd animal-themed video thrown in for good measure. If you have a question on anything SBM related, we’ve found that Andy is always happy to help!


7. Helen Burge (@SBL_StAnnesWSM)

Founder of the Somerset School Business Leaders Group. Helen is an advocate of sharing exactly what is going on at her school, St Anne’s Primary. She also strongly shares her view that the headteacher/SBM relationship is hugely important for the environment to thrive. Helen regularly shares her opinions on her own blog too (wafflesofansbl.com).


8. Stephen Mitchell (@ImSteveMitchell)

Stephen is chief operating officer at a MAT in the Midlands, where he works across three counties, and 12 schools. A trained accountant, Stephen is currently going through the process of being accredited as a Schools Efficiency Advisor for the DfE. He has also completed an MBA, with his research focussing on improving the quality of management in education. He writes regularly for a number of education magazines and blogs, and you can often find him hosting seminars at events across the country. His twitter feed reflects his passion for education and organisational culture.


9. Val Andrew (@valerieandrew)

A former SBM and business management specialist at the ASCL, Val is an education business leadership consultant and recently received the ISBL CEO Award for Exceptional Contribution to School Business Leadership. She is a strong advocate for the professionalisation of the SBM role and often writes and tweets about leadership, CPD and training. Val is also a keen commentator on government and DofE updates and rulings.


10. Louise Hatswell (@LouiseHatswell)

Louise is the founder of the South Yorkshire SBL Group and a former SBM who now works at the ASCL. She often shares her years of experience, providing help and advice to answer work-related questions with SBMs on #SBLtwitter. If you’re a dog lover, Louise’s feed is peppered with pics and videos of her two Labrador littermates. Bonus!


11. The Institute of School Business Leadership (@ISBL_news)

We know, not technically an SBM… but we believe the list couldn’t be complete without the body which represents a huge number of the professionals on Twitter. Follow their handle for updates on the profession, upcoming CPD and event opportunities.


12. Hilary Goldsmith (@sbl365)

Best known for the creator of SBL365, a support and advice website for those in primary SBL positions, Hilary Goldsmith is one of the most loved SBMs of them all. A real authority in the industry, Hilary's Twitter account is an absolute must for any SBM looking to keep tabs on the latest goings-on. 


13. School Business Manager (@schoolbusmgr)

What we love about @schoolbusmgr is their willingness to open up discussions about things that SBMs are pondering every day. From the best practices for running an efficient in-house catering system, to the best staff structures around, @schoolbusmgr sparks plenty of responses. 


There are lots of SBMs out there who don’t currently use Twitter, to those people, we urge you to join immediately. You’re missing out on vital conversations and those questions that you may have been struggling with on your own… could well be answered in seconds by many of the professionals we’ve mentioned.

Happy Tweeting!