10 SBMs on Twitter who tell it like it is

10 SBMs on Twitter who tell it like it is

Following on from our last piece on influential school business voices to follow on Twitter, we’ve pulled together another list of must-read feeds.

This time the list focuses on the most active and vocal voices on #SBLtwitter, so you know where to turn to for help and advice, or where look if you need a bit of light-relief and some light-hearted GIF chat! Keep an eye out for more editions in this series and make sure you’re following all the people in the know…

1. Cheryl Campbell (@CherylSBM)

Cheryl is the vice-chair of the London Plus SBMs group, she proudly works out of Falconbrook Primary School in South London. Passionate about the pupils and the local community, Cheryl also writes entertaining blogs (briscoecampbell.com) about her daily life as an SBM. She is always keen to get involved in the discussions on Twitter and gives honest updates on her own situation.


2. Jane Taylor (@Taylor007J)

A strong supporter of her peers on #SBLtwitter, Jane is the Chair of BASBM. She shares all facets of her experience as a Strategic Business Manager in a Birmingham primary school, both good and challenging. Her dry, straight-talking tweets will keep you both informed and amused.


3. Sarah Jones (@accidentalSBM)

Sarah loves her job and happily shares her experiences of life as an SBM, including her recent move to a new school. She is a self-confessed ‘sporadic blogger’ and her musing on the randomness of life as an SBM can be found at accidentalbusinessmanager.wordpress.com. If you love SHOES and gin – Sarah is also an expert tweeter on both!


4. Harket Sparkles (@sparklyquark)

Rachel works as an SBM in a non-maintained school, and so brings a fresh perspective on the different challenges that SBMs in these schools face. She is often one of the first to come to the aid of those looking to #SBLtwitter for advice. A prolific, and often hilarious tweeter, her musings on popular culture will also keep you entertained.


5. Running SBM (@runningSBM)

@runningSBM has strong knowledge of all things school leadership, operations and finance. He writes regularly for leading sector magazines, such as Primary Leaders magazine, and blogs at runningsbm.home.blog. Also, as you can probably guess from his twitter handle, he is a keen runner and you can be inspired by his marathon antics via his feed.


6. Sue Prickett (@RuralSBM)

The self-proclaimed ‘crazy walking lady’. An SBM in rural Suffolk primary school, Sue provides brilliant insights into the inner workings of the role. From H&S to finding ways to save money and generating income, as well as having confidence in your own abilities, her feed is a font of SBM knowledge. But, be warned - her SBM GIF game is strong.


7. Michelle Cassar (@cassar_michelle)

Michelle is School Business Manager in a Primary School in Leeds and runs the South Leeds Bursar Network Group. She’s not a prolific tweeter but often comments on the trials and tribulations of school life and is a bit of an SBM oracle, providing great support for those looking to #SBLtwitter for professional advice.


8. Tina Button (@SpecialSBM)

Tina is one of the most vocal Special School SBMs on Twitter, of which we think there are not enough! She sits on the SLT and gives an honest, sometimes eye-opening and usually humorous account of recent happenings from her school. Note: musings from her home life are equally as interesting!


9. Nicky G (@NickyGNickster)

Nicki is somewhat of an oracle to other SBMs. You’ll often find her loving life and celebrating with friends and family, showing that wellbeing is a huge part of a tough role. When it comes to advice, she’s always there with a helping hand her #SBLTwitter colleagues.


10. Bad SBM (@Bad_SBM)

This is the ultimate ‘tell it like it is’ feed. From calling out Ofsted to nailing the day-to-day challenges of the SBM role, this is the place to turn to when you’re having a bad day and need a bit of light relief. An absolute must-follow.


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