Whether you are looking for a felt tip pen for drawing and colouring, a hard wearing handwriting pen to develop good writing habits or a bold and vivid DryWipe, Berol® has a pen for you.
Berol Handwriting Pen Nibs

Handwriting Pens

These bestselling school handwriting pens are ideal for helping children in developing better writing control and letter formation to achieve good writing standards. All Berol® handwriting pens are hard-wearing, contain washable ink and are available in both a round or triangle shape to provide control for early writers.

Berol Felt Tip and Colouring Pen Nibs

Felt Tip and Colouring Pens

Whether you’re looking for a fine tip pen for detailed drawing or something a little more hard wearing for general colouring activities, Berol® has a felt tip or colouring pen for your needs. What’s best, they have washable ink and will last for at least 14 days if the cap is removed.

Berol Whiteboard Pen Nibs

Whiteboard Pens

Berol® whiteboard pens are one of the leading brands of DryWipe markers in schools. As well as whiteboards they can also be used on other non-porous smooth surfaces such as glass.

Sustainability – Our 2025 Goals

90% Reduction in Landfill Waste
25% Reduction in Energy Usage
30% Reduction in Greenhouse Emissions